A New Kind of Social App

3 min readJun 29, 2022


Our virtual office :)

Making the Metaverse habitable

We are on a mission to bring togetherness into our virtual lives. It’s time to reimagine the social app, how we meet people, and how we spend time together online. We find today’s social apps, well, not that social. But they could be!

The emerging Metaverse lets us create a new kind of social app. One with maximum expression through virtual interfaces. Support for widespread creativity powered by Web3 rails. And finally, a fair platform with user ownership of identity, assets, and data. The Metaverse allows for good economic incentives based on a creator economy rather than feeding on user data and engagement at all costs.

But today’s options to socialize in the Metaverse are still underwhelming. Games and virtual worlds are fun, but we are missing a place focused on the joy of hanging out and building relationships. We have our take on what’s needed to make the Metaverse feel habitable — even homey!

Your social app should feel like a TV-show

Think about how many of our favorite shows play out. A range of characters, including friends, strangers, and exciting personalities, come together in familiar scenes. Some scenes are private or shared. Some are public with people coming and going.

There are portions of adventure, laughter, and love. All scenes are there to create memorable moments. Whether you like comedy, anime, or drama, the best moments revolve around ongoing relationships and conversations between the characters. It’s life and imagination neatly packaged — where memorable interactions win!

Memorable moments are what we want to bring to more people, more often! Meeting and hanging out with new and old friends should feel like being the lead characters of your own show — produced, directed, and played by you!

Our virtual inners selves will bring us together

Virtual identities are fantastic for freely expressing your inner self, something about yourself, or matching the occasion of what you are doing. It’s only natural that they should play a part in your social life. They are like your personal, living emojis.

We are building a social destination for all virtual identities. If you already own an NFT-avatar — bring it! If you don’t have one, we will help you build one! In Scapin’, all avatars come alive and mirror your expressions in real-time. We fill them with your personality — think of it as emotional reality :)

Powered by our virtual selves, we hope to see new and old friends, Discord communities, and colleagues create shared and memorable moments. We will provide the tools to ensure that anyone can be the perfect host!

Let’s build a social universe!

The goal is to build a massive universe of social destinations that allows for meaningful connections. We obviously can’t make this all by ourselves. Instead, we want to invite builders, creators, and users to create the social experiences for which people are coming.

Scapin’ will reward contributors and ensure they can participate in the universe’s value development. Building on Web3 rails helps us to do this right. Design a destination, code an experience or host the most popular virtual bar. All contributions count!

We are looking forward to the first global comedy bar, a 24/7 karaoke palace, and hope to solve many virtual murder mysteries along the way.

Join our alpha and help us shape the future of social!

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